Ensure the quality of spare parts accessories products conform to the requirements and materials are correct and complete, to focus on the quality of the products in the process of production and inspection personnel shall be in accordance with the time requirement of inspection, sampling inspection, to prevent common quality problems and quality accidents, found the quality problem should be resolved on site, can’t timely solve to respond rapidly to the supervisor, in order to solve as soon as possible.


ODM/OEM We continue to expand the application of subdivided industries, provide a variety of products for local brands around the world, and help the growth of local display brands in various countries.

  • Sheet Metal Bending

    Sheet Metal Bending

  • Laser Cutting Sample

    Laser Cutting Sample

  • Tube Laser Cutting

    Tube Laser Cutting

  • Screw Rod Endurance Test

    Screw Rod Endurance Test


Nandi is an office furniture supplier with independent and robust R&D capabilities. We have a group of professional developers, and labs to run various experiments, and 2 million RMB invested in new monitor projects every year.

New project procedure:
①Make up a new product development plan, including market research and various reports on product data.
②Feasibility study and carry out three verification stages: functions, design, and manufacturing process. Only after passing the data test of the previous stage will the next stage be entered. 20 prototypes will be produced and tested in an all-round way. After passing all the tests on the review list, the model will enter the mass production stage. The basic standard for closing a project is that every item on the review list has been passed.

Our R&D has three reliability testing machines for new models, supplemented with two product assembly rooms and one Internet cafe experience room. The purpose of the labs is to provide data and materials in the process verification stage and eventually develop functions in new models. The labs ensure the reliability of new models.

R&D techniques:
our R&D team is composed of 30 engineers with more than 3 years of R&D experience. At present, we have a few invention patents and practical patents in the furniture industry.

Test Machine

Professional Customer Service
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Testing Video

Reliability Lab Room


NANDI has a complete and strict production and quality control process for samples and bulk goods.

Samples: the factory has a special prototype department responsible for the stocking, assembly, inspection, and shipment of the prototype. Only when the prototype test report is eventually presented, the factory will release shipment.

Mass production: we have a complete quality assurance system with a manufacturing execution system to ensure that every inspection link of production is compliant. The processing of each link of the OEM/ODM order is completed step by step in this advanced manufacturing execution system. Our IT staff set up the system for each link of production execution, order, planning, quality, material, data, equipment, and warehousing.

The production process of the order is shown in the following video:

Production Base
Sample checking

Desk assembly

Group 280 (1)
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Testing Video

Reliability Lab Room


1. NANDI is a proficient OFFICE FURNITURE product manufacturer who is endorsed by clients all around the globe.

2. Till July2022, we have obtained 14 patents, of which one engineer has 10 invention patents, and the other three engineers have 4 utility model patents.

3. In terms of product appearance design: we have been deeply involved in such as the German Industrial Design Reddot Award and the “IF” Design Award.

4. In terms cooperation with clients: our products are distributed in over 30 countries, and we are appreciated by many world-renowned clients for exquisite craftsmanship, high efficiency, and high-quality customer service.

5.In terms of the factory certification: passed the ISO9001/14004 quality management system of ISO; passed the social responsibility audit.

6.In terms of export certification of furniture products: each product meets the export qualification and has CE-LVD/ERP/EMC/ROH/FCC certification.

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