Reliable L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk,White Frame/ White Top

The Reliable L-Shaped Electric Standing Desk is a high-quality and dependable desk designed for ergonomic and efficient workspaces. With its electric height adjustment feature, users can easily switch between sitting and standing positions, promoting better posture and reducing the risks of sedentary lifestyle. The L-shaped design provides ample space for multiple monitors and work essentials, while the sturdy construction ensures stability and durability. This desk is a reliable choice for creating a productive and comfortable workstation.
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Product Description

1. Electric Height Adjustable: This standing desk adjusts height from 76cm to 122cm at a speed of 20mm/sec under 50 dB noise level.More faster, smoother and quieter.

2. Anti-Collision&Memory Modes: Provides 3 programmable memory modes, which automatically locks your desire height and automatically stop when up obstructed.

3. L-Shaped Design: This height-adjustable desk adopts an L-shaped design, providing a larger work space and better organization capabilities. You can place computers, files, and other office supplies in different areas to increase productivity and organization.

4. Practical Construction: The durable and waterproof desktop(max to 1200mm x 1500mm) provides ample space for your computer, keyboard and other supplies.The side hook can hang bags and headphone freely.Thicker metal legs provide excellent stability and support.

5.Comfortable Working Experience: You to easily switch between standing and sitting working positions, helping to improve the physical discomfort caused by long working hours. Standing at work can help reduce back stress, improve blood circulation and improve concentration, providing a more comfortable and healthy working environment.


  Place of Origin   Jiangsu
  General Use   Commercial Furniture
  Type   Office Furniture
  Appearance   Modern
  Brand Name   Nandi
  Product Name   Sit Stand Desk Frame
  Style   Morden Work Office Desk
  Lifting Speed   20mm/s
  Desk Leg Color      Black, Gray, White Optional
  Feature   Electric Height Adjustable
  Desktop Specification   1200mm*600mm(L*W)
  Lifting Range   760mm-1200mm
  Max Load   100Kg
  Weight   23.3Kg
  Suit for         Modern Work Stations Office Furniture

Product Advantages

1.Health Promotion: The adverse effects of prolonged sitting on the body can be reduced by switching between sitting and standing postures. Standing work helps improve blood circulation, increase muscle activity and burn more calories, thereby promoting good health.

2.Improves work efficiency: According to research, standing while working improves alertness and concentration, which in turn increases work efficiency and productivity. The electric lifting function allows users to adjust the height of the table according to their needs to obtain the most comfortable and suitable working posture.

3.Formaldehyde Test Report : According to GB 18580-2017 formaldehyde emission 0.05mg/m3, lower than the national standard: in line with indoor activities

Application Of Adjustable Electric Standing Desk

1. Office: Adjustable electric height-adjustable desks are very popular in offices. Employees can easily adjust the height of the desk to switch between sitting and standing positions based on their needs and preferences. This helps improve employee work experience, increase productivity and reduce the negative physical effects of sitting for long periods of time.

2. Schools and educational institutions: In classrooms and learning spaces, adjustable electric lift tables can meet the different needs of students and teachers. Students can adjust the height of the desk according to their height and learning needs for a more comfortable and suitable learning posture. Teachers can also adapt it to their own teaching needs to better interact with students and present teaching materials.

3.Medical institutions: In medical institutions such as hospitals, clinics and laboratories, adjustable electric lifting tables can provide a working platform that meets the work needs of medical staff. Doctors and nurses can adjust the height of the table as needed to facilitate medical records, surgical procedures, or other medical work.

4.Manufacturing and laboratories: Adjustable electric lift tables are also widely used in manufacturing and laboratories. Workers and researchers can adjust the height of the table to obtain the best working posture and viewing angle, depending on the requirements of their work tasks. This helps increase productivity, reduce fatigue and ensure work accuracy.

5.Telecommuting and home offices: With the rise of telecommuting and home offices, adjustable electric height-adjustable desks have become the choice of more and more people. In a home office, people can adjust the height of the desk to obtain a comfortable and suitable working environment according to their needs and work habits.


  Q1: Is product quality reliable?

  A1: We sold our products to over more than 30 countries, many of our products have passed the CE, UL.

  Q2: How about the Warranty of the standing desk?

  A2: 3 years for the desk frame, 2 years for the electric parts.

  Q3. May I have a sample order before bulk one?

  A3: Yes, Of course, you can choose any model or mix then if needed.

  Q4. Can I print my logo on the desk base?

  A4: Yes, we understand fully and please send your company logo with the order.

  Q5. How about MOQ?

  A5: Low MOQ is accepted and is 10 set. We will support you as we can

  Q6: How about the after service?

  A6: We would send out the product by free with the customer’s next order by sea if the problem caused by us. We advise you do 3% extra quantity than the order, it will help you do the after service more quickly.

  Q7: What’s your payment term?

  A7: T / T, 30% deposit when confirming the order, 70% as balance before the container loading.

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